“If you love a terrific mystery,
York is a must read.

Charles Todd, author of the Inspector Ian Rutledge series & the Bess Crawford series

No Broken Hearts

Have the superstitious Marathon bosses been spooked by the grapevine gossip that bodies start to fall whenever Lauren Atwill signs on to a picture?

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Death in Her Face

Lauren follows a tangled trail of betrayal, secrets, greed and murder. She’ll face down the FBI, who can crush her career, and a vicious mobster who threatens her career.

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A Good Knife’s Work

In frequently stormy tandem, Lauren and Winslow investigate — from a Harlem nightclub to an artist’s lair to an East Side mansion. Then the killer strikes again. Something they know — or were close to discovering — has panicked him. Can they find him — or her — before time runs out?

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Star Struck Dead

With nowhere else to turn, Lauren hires tough LA private investigator Peter Winslow, whom she finds far more intriguing than she planned, and who just might be hiding some secrets of his own. With her reputation at stake, Lauren will have to think fast and move faster to come up with an ending for this script that doesn’t spell THE END for her.

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Sheila York is the author of numerous books, including the Award Winning Lauren Atwill Series.

Sheila York grew up traveling, the daughter of a career army officer. She spent much of her childhood in Germany and later studied abroad as an exchange student in England and France.

After post-graduate studies in psychology, she took a sharp turn and enjoyed a long career as a radio disk jockey… 

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