Don’t Slam the Door on the Way In

In Hollywood, telling the truth is the most dangerous thing a woman can do.

In a way, that’s where No Broken Hearts started, with that line. I don’t know where it came from. I wish I knew where my ideas come from. I’d go there more often…


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School for Scandal

I love scandals.

Bear in mind, I mean a good scandal, not modern-day celebrity gossip. There are rarely dramatic possibilities in the predictable.

“Novel”, after all, doesn’t come from the Latin for “heard that one before.”


Past Perfect

How did I end up in the 1940s? Theft. Well, more precisely, it was borrowing that turned out to be permanent.

My life in crime began by filching Raymond Chandler paperbacks from my father’s bookcase in junior high and secreting them among my Mary Stewarts…